Say Yes to the food of Marche’s rich traditions!

Discover real tastes of our territory. In country festivals, during the summer and the autumn period, you will taste the natural goodness of products from farm to fork and taste the flavour of these simple dishes prepared with amazing care. Think about that every recipe comes from an ancient country tradition, of which Osimo’s people are really proud!

Buccolotti del Batte

This typical main course, bound to the rural tradition, was prepared during the threshing period. To celebrate the good harvest, the farmers and their families enjoyed eating and dancing.

Frescarelli all’osimana

It’s a traditional dish with cornmeal mush and rice, you can flavour with tomato sauce, sausage and spare rib. The name of this dish originates from the fact that, sometimes, people didn’t use rice but flour lump made with wet twig called “frasca”.

Coniglio in potacchio

Rabbit divided in small pieces flavoured with bacon, oil, garlic, chili pepper, rosemary and a drop of white wine.

Crescia coi grasselli

Salted pizza that, long time ago, women kneaded with small pieces of lard, during the slaughter of pig.

Crescia con le foglie

The “crescia con le foglie” is a kind of piadina made with flour and lard, you can fill up with wild vegetables. You can add, of your choosing, sausages and ready-sliced meat!

Crescia di Pasqua

The other name of “crescia di Pasqua” is “Cheese pizza”. This pizza is prepared during Easter period everywhere in Le Marche region. This pizza is filled up with pieces of cheese and naturally rises: this pizza can’t be on the table of Easter day.


It’s a typical cake of our town tradition: it’s prepared for Mardi Gras day. In Le Marche region this cake is called “scroccafusi”, because of the noise you make when you eat it; in Osimo this cake has been always called “Mardi Gras’ chick peas”.

Ciambelle di mosto

Sweet donuts which smell of must and anise’s seeds. They were prepared during the grape harvest for the men who worked in the vineyard. They are perfect if you dunk them into boiled wine!


It’s a kind of sweet cornmeal mush, which belongs to the farm tradition of our land. Some times ago, “sciughetti” was prepared with the exceeding must of the wine cellar: the share cropper used to give “sciughetti” to his master.

Sulla strada del Rosso Conero DOC

Osimo can be proud of being a land of excellence for the production of “Rosso Conero DOC” and “Conero Riserva DOCG”. This ruby red wine has a strong scent and a fruity taste. This wine is composed with 85% minimum of Montepulciano’s grapes and 15% maximum of Sangiovese’s grapes. The clay soil from the slope of our hill to the Conero’s promontory, and the proximity of the sea make these grapes ripen in a perfect surrounding. It’s suggested to taste this wine cool (13°-15° degrees) in a wide stem glass, and to combine it with roast and game, cured meats and seasoned cheeses, or with a big piece of our traditional lasagna!