Say YES to Osimo? 10 reasons to visit the “Headless’ town”

Why can you choose Osimo as destination for a holiday, a short weekend or even for a couple of hours in Le Marche?

osimo-museo archeologico-due-sposi-stele-romana

1. Say Yes to Osimo because is rich of history, a history of about 3,000 years that left us a precious legacy: artifacts and archaeological sites, artworks and buildings of important and noble patrons. Re-experience the past and the events of different peoples and personalities linked together in a unique town.

2. Say Yes to Osimo because hides lot of misteries in its underground labyrinth. Discover an unusual underground world, full of wells and tunnels carved in the sandstone from the hands of the man who, for centuries, uses it to defend itself and to meet in secret, as shown by the arcane symbols on the wall.

Passeggiata ai giardini

3. Say Yes to Osimo because surprises you at every corner. Get lost among the narrow streets that unfold from the main street, you can suddenly find in front of you a wonderful panoramic view that sweeps from the Sibillini Mountains to the rolling green hills, to the blue sea of Riviera del Conero.

4. Say Yes to Osimo because is a treasure trove of art. Behind the facades of elegant buildings and ancient churches, hidden small treasures that no one would expect to find. The city’s museums include works by masters such us Pomarancio, Guercino, Ridolfi, Guido Reni, Simone De Magistris…just to mention the most notorious!


5. Say Yes to Osimo because it’s a city that has miraculous: the ecstatic flights of St. Joseph of Copertino, patron of students who found the final resting place, to the miracle of tears of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows by Campocavallo. A spirituality that is felt not only in the ancient places of worship, but also in the surrounding landscape that invites quiet contemplation.



6. Say Yes to Osimo because is naturally beautiful. The Hill on which it stands is like an island surrounded by a sea of fields worked perfectly as long tradition of sharecropping. If you’re looking for a small peaceful oasis, the confluence area of the Musone’s river is for you. You will have the opportunity to fish in artificial ponds, cycling or horseback riding, take a quiet walk or bird-watching. The surrounding nature will recharge your batteries.

festa covo campocavallo osimo madonna covi processione tradizionale spighe grano

7. Say Yes to Osimo because it has preserved the ancient rural traditions. The most famous is certainly the “Festa del Covo” on the first Sunday of August at Campocavallo. Skilled hands intertwined each year the most beautiful ears of the crop fields to create a small wonder, the Covo or “Còu”, a float representing a shrine reproduced in scale to offer in procession as a thanks to the Virgin Mary.

8. Say Yes to Osimo because it’s only 15 km from the sea of the Riviera del Conero, about twenty minutes from Ancona, Recanati, hometown of the poet Leopardi and from the Holy House of Loreto; less than a quarter of an hour from Castelfidardo, home of the accordion or from the lovely medieval village of Offagna and finally a half hour from Jesi and its castles.


9. Say Yes to Osimo because it’s the land of Rosso Conero’s red wine. In addition to fine wine, this area will delight your palate with authentic flavors and genuine products at 0 km. You will find all the typical flavors of
Le Marche in summer and autumn festivals.

10. Say Yes to Osimo because it is a friendly city, it’s attentive to all needs to be increasingly inclusive.


OSIMO. you will “lose your head”!