Yes To Feel Good With Yourself…

In Osimo, city of miracles and saints, was born Saint Silvestro Gozzolini, founder of the order of Silvestrini, and at the same time, Osimo has hosted in his last period of time, St. Joseph of Cupertino, the saint of “flights”, students’ protector. San Francesco d’Assisi has passed here twice, too, between 1211 and 1220, to learn his evangelic message before starting towards the Est. So, a fascinating history of faith that lives in a territory that invites to the meditation…relax your mind and open your heart!

San Leopardo’s Cathedral

Open every day 8:00-12.30/15:30-19:00

The cathedral, a majestic building in white stone, built in the XII century, preserves in the crypt the remains of Saint Leopardo, first bishop of the city and the sepulchers of the saints bishops Bevenuto, Vitaliano, Vittore, Corona and Filippo.

The most important altar, richly decorated, hosts the bodies of the first witnesses of the Christian Osiman faith, the saints martyrs Fiorenzio, Sisinio and Diocleziano that suffered the lapidation in the locality of Roncisvalle in 304 a.C. and the body of Massimo, martyrized in Salaria road, guilty as the others, of professing the new religion. Going up again the stairs of the crypt, before leaving the church, wait and observe in front of the Chapel of the Saint Crucifix. Here is preserved an artwork that has an important virtue to the eyes of the devotees: it’s a wooden crucifix in archaic style of the XII century that since the 2nd July 1796 for many months, opened the eyes and the mouth in front of the devotees. The prodigious event made the cathedral the destination of various pilgrimages that nowadays is usual to celebrate the recurring.

Sanctuary Of San Giuseppe Da Copertino


Open every day 6:30-12:30/15:30-20:00

The sanctuary of St. Joseph of Cupertino attracts every years a lot of people that wants to approach the figure of this saint, protector of students and of aviators. There are a lot of thesis and exam transcripts , left by students as “ex voto”, depositions of devotion to the “Saint of flights”. Friar Giuseppe was called in this way because he had often moments of ecstasy with the vision of the Madonna and he lifted miraculously in front of the incredulous eyes of his brothers. Even if it wasn’t brilliant, he was successful in completing his study, thanks to the help of the Virgin, that’s why today the students come here to pray his name in proximity of important tests.

The destination for tourists is the crypt of the church where the body of the saint, patron of the city, lies in a beautiful sarcophagus.

Museum Of San Giuseppe Da Copertino

saio san giuseppe copertino museo osimo

Open every day. Free entry.

The museum dedicated to the saint behind the crypt of the basilica, merits attention.

The tour goes on in the inner of the convent of Minor Friars, climbing on the stairs over the sacristy to access to the rooms where St. Joseph of Cupertino lived during his last years, from 1657 to 1669.

Here there are his personal belongings: dresses, liturgical furniture and documents made in vellum XVI century.

Campocavallo’s Sanctuary

Open every day 6:45-8:00/8:30-12:40/15:15-19:4

Distant about 2,5 km from Osimo’ s center, in the locality of Campocavallo, is possible to visit the beautiful Sanctuary of Madonna of Sorrows, built in neo-gothic style, between the end of 800 and the beginning of 900 after the miracle of Sacred Image of Our Lady of 7 pains.

On 16th June 1892, during the celebration, this effigy was seen cry by the all presents. The prodigy repeated for ten years and there where frequently miraculous curing that attired to the sanctuary a lot of devote pilgrims.

Nowadays we thank the Madonna of Capocavallo for her prodigies in the Festa Del Covo, the first Sunday of August, when dens are brought in procession, carts showing religious subjects in scale, made uniquely in grain’s spike woven… an enormous work, result of the devotion that employ the community of Campocavallo during the whole year!

You can admire those beautiful handcrafted creations in the Museum of Covo, where are conserved the dens of the past years until today.

Church Of San Filippo De Plano

The church is inside a private propriety and is possible to visit it only with reservation by number +39 339 7287252.

An ancient Templar building , built in the 13th century rises in the locality of Casenuove of Osimo. It’s the church of san Filippo De Plano, place that seems full of unique energies.

We have testimonies in the historic monuments from 1187, when the Templars received in emphyteusis by the dioceses of Osimo the church of San Filippo Apostolo and the near lands until Musone river and the actual area of Passatempo. A big fertile profitable area of 350-400 hectares in a strategic point between a navigable river in the past until the Adriatic sea and the commercial roads of Salaria and Flaminia. Today San Filippo de Plano is considered the Templar defense historically documented, one of the most important of Le Marche region. When the order was suppressed in 1312, the church became propriety of Hospitallers Of St. John that recalled it Church Of St. Philip and James.

Located in an elevated position, where a pleasure breeze always blows, the church dominates the surrounding level ground in a rural relaxing landscape that invites to the meditation.

Crossing the doorstep many people particularly sensible describe an immediate sensation of wellness. In a specific point inside the building, where the natural radiations of the land seem to be concentrated, many people say to have found benefit for rheumatic pains and headache, simply sitting there for 20 minutes.

Reality or just fascinating suggestion, this amenous and mysterious place in the countryside of Le Marche region worth an holyday.