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The relics of the loggia

During the paving of the municipal loggia, whose restyling began in spring 2016, many important relics came to light. Those finds, concerning buildings and sites belonging to different centuries, testify further the rich town history, from the Picenis’ settlement to the nineteenth century, including the Roman period, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque.

The wall structures, the skeletons and the Roman statue (Plotina?)

Various wall structures were identified during the excavations, in particular those of the “Santa Maria della Piazza” church, a building dating back to the seventeenth century, probably erected on a precedent construction. There were found some skeletons too, probably people whose death occurred because of a sudden plague. Among those remains, the ones of a young woman buried with her child are quite moving.

The most important discovery was the lower part of a female roman statue, made of precious Greek marble, whose drapery and transparencies attest the work’s extreme high quality. This relic is comparable to another one, found in Tunisia, plausibly portraying Plotina, Trajan’s wife.

The specimen refers to Greek models of late fourth century BC, linked to the modesty iconography, a common one to represent members of the imperial family or persons belonging to a high rank.

Year after year Osimo goes on offering precious sources of inspiration to traveler. There is no need to get into a time machine. Just look out under the porch… you will be able to see its three thousand years long wonderful story.

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